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Revenue Management

Every hotel has essentially the same criteria to measure their revenue management team’s success, how the hotel’s RevPar compares to it competitive set. The primary goal for revenue management is to increase RevPar as much as possible by achieving the optimal ration of occupancy and rate. This is achieved through a combination of setting the right price for each day as well as ensuring there is enough demand generating initiatives in place by working with both sales and marketing.

Today revenue management is no longer just about data-analysis skills, but requires equal finesse in communicating with the whole hotel team to ensure everyone is making informed decisions on bringing the right mix of business in.

How can we help you?

Our Revenue Management Concierge service focuses on driving RevPar through services customized to your hotel. Our customized service level gives you the option to alleviate stress related to managing the role of revenue management so that you can focus on your guests at your hotel.

Did you unexpectedly lose your revenue manager?

LightsOn Revenue Management Concierge can step in and perform the day-to-day duties of a revenue manager while you find the right candidate for your hotel. Hotel companies worldwide are in a revenue manager hiring frenzy and there is simply a shortage of qualified candidates. Don’t settle for just anyone and find the right revenue manager at your own pace as LightsOn assists during the transitional period.

Did you have outstanding RM projects piling up?

LightsOn can be your revenue management resource for helping complete specific projects or off-load repetitive tasks so you can focus on the strategy.

Do you need an advisor to your onsite revenue manager?

LightsOn can bring your new revenue manager up to speed on what is going on within the market place to help shorten the learning curve of a new market. In addition, we can provide on-going training so your revenue manager is a veteran in no time.

Revenue Optimization Services

Our Total Revenue Management service identifies and maximizes all potential revenue opportunities for your hotel. LightsOn Total Revenue Management service allows you to completely offload the revenue management responsibilities from establishing pricing levels for all segments to formulating long and short-term strategies.
  • Intelligent Pricing Optimization
  • Demand Generating Initiatives
  • Channel Management
  • Market Trend Analysis Reporting
  • Competitive Set Analysis
  • Custom Reports – client driven, highly specialized reports

Why Lights On Revenue Management Services?

LightsOn Revenue Optimization integrates local market demand forecasting, competitive data analysis, and price sensitivity modeling so we are able to recommend targeted pricing for every day for a full year. We have a unique approach to price optimization in our ability analyze price trends within the market so we can anticipate and react quickly to market changes and identify demand generating opportunities.

Revenue optimization may seem easy especially during high season or during periods where your hotel is seeing compression in the city. The true test comes during the low season when dropping rates to the floor doesn’t seem to have much effect. We are low season specialists where we give you peace of mind all year round so your hotel is always busy. Most hotel’s revenue management strategy is reactive to what is happening in the market place. LightsOn Digital employs a proactive revenue optimization strategy to ensure your hotel is ahead of the competition.

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